Hello! Welcome to a storyteller’s view of life as seen through the lens of time and eternity. I invite you to wander with me and hope my words will unite us Along the Way.

An aspiring author of Young Adult / Coming-of-Age stories, wife, mother, and child of God, I strive to keep my heart open to the present, my spirit watchful for future Guidance, and my mind alert to themes circling from the past.

I’ll be “Looking ahead,” eyes wide open, and share those moments when the Spirit speaks in affirmation of the Word, and expect you’ll relate, as our battles are universal.  With a contemplative poet’s perspective, I’ll be “Looking Around,” and pray we’ll think a little deeper and trust a bit further. Knowing retrospect offers a vista from wiser eyes at an unencumbered distance, I’ll be “Looking Back” at some old photos and memorabilia and the stories they tell. And maybe your memories, too, will be sparked as nostalgia’s lessons are awakened.